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All you wanted to know and more


What is a self-guided trip?

A self-guided trip means that you are the captain of the river. It assumes you have general knowledge of maneuvering a canoe and basic outdoor survival skills, including navigating a map. You are responsible for your boat and equipment, food and water, waste, camp, and timeline. You should have basic camping skills including choosing a campsite, knowledge of how to use the gear, plan a multi-day menu, and cook outside, basic first aid, troubleshooting, and self-rescue skills.

What do I need to bring on my float trip?

You need enough food and water for the duration of your trip. We recommend a gallon of water per person per day. Make sure you have a good first aid kit with enough supplies for your entire group. Consider an umbrella, EZ up or tarp for shade. Drastic changes in weather including rain, wind, and even hail mean clothing layers and rain gear will keep you comfortable when the weather changes. Sun block and lip balm are always a good idea as well as a hat and sunglasses. Request a packing list? Include link to packing list?

What if I need to cancel my float trip?

The shuttle schedule fills up quick. Given the nature of planning pick up and drop-offs to accommodate everyone’s requests, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit per person to confirm your shuttle reservations and ensure there is space for your whole group on your requested put in and take out dates. In the event that someone needs to cancel from your group, their deposit can be transferred to a new group member that will join in their place. Otherwise, the $100 non-refundable deposit will be applied as a $100 cancellation fee. We recommend getting firm commitment from each person in your party prior to booking your trip reservations.

The full amount of your trip (including rental equipment) is due 30 days from the date of your trip. Cancellations within 30 days of the trip will not receive a refund.

Regarding the possibility of having to cancel, we strongly suggest you purchase trip insurance to protect your vacation investment. Moab Canoe reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time due to any circumstances. In the event of adverse weather conditions, we may postpone for a few hours or to the next day.

What time do we leave and what time do we return?

On the day of your departure, you must be packed up and ready to go at Moab Canoe by 8am. At 8am, the shuttle will be loaded and depart for your put-in location. On the day of your return, you must be at your take-out location by 1pm with your gear packed up and ready to be loaded. Depending on your take-out location, you will return to Moab Canoe between 2-4pm on your return date.

What if I do not have my own gear?

We are committed to helping you plan your most epic adventure. If you are traveling by plane and cannot bring your own gear, or just don’t have room to load it all up, we’ve got you covered. Contact us, and one of our trip planning specialists will help determine a rental package that suits your needs along with detailed lists and pricing.


Where do I do my business on the river?

Moab Canoe offers NRS reusable river toilets for your overnight river trips! These toilets have a regular toilet seat that mounts to a container for use just like a normal toilet!



Can I bring my kids and my dog?
We are a full-fledged family operation. Kids and dogs make the world go round. We recommend kids be at least 40 pounds, know how to swim, be able to get in and out of a boat without help and able to hang on to the side of a moving or bouncing boat. They must wear life vests at all times. Your pup should not be afraid of the water, being on a boat, and you must plan for water, food, and waste.

What about bad weather?

Weather is unpredictable. Check weather sites for your trip dates and watch closely for changes.  The spring and fall generally have temps ranging from 60-80 degrees during the day with temps dipping down to 20-50 degrees at night. Summer temps range from 85-105 degrees in the day to 58-68 degrees at night. Rain can come out of nowhere, even on hot a sunny, summer day. Rain gear, sun block, and a hat are always a great idea.

Do I need to tip the driver?
Moab Canoe is committed to providing safe, efficient, and timely transportation for you and your group, as well as your gear. We think through the smallest details to provide you with a fun, reliable, and safe experience. While tipping is not required, it is very much appreciated and customarily done at 15-20% of your trip invoice total.

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