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Fun and helpful links and videos to check out before your float trip!

WIND/MUD/HEAT/COLD/HIGH WATER/BUGS: Desert wilderness has many elements. The weather can shift and change in an instant. High winds are not uncommon. It is not recommended that you paddle through wind. If the winds are too strong, you should consider going ashore until they die down. Flash floods can happen even when the morning sky was clear blue. You must be familiar with what to do in any weather situation to keep yourself and your group safe and from harm. Temperatures can fluctuate drastically, so layers are wise. Rain gear is a must.  The sun, heat, and the wind can be brutal, so sunscreen, heat, sunglasses, and lip balm are necessities.

Flash Flood Safety Info

Green River water level near Green River, Utah. Roughly 50 miles upriver from Moab

Colorado River water level near Cisco, Utah. Roughly 50 miles upriver from Moab

PROBLEM SOLVING, SELF RESCUE, SELF RELIANCE, RESCUE SKILLS: Again, the river and the canyons are not a playground. You must have basic skills for troubleshooting/problem solving. You must have a level of comfort for being self-reliant in remote desert wilderness accompanied by basic self-rescue skills.

FIRST AID/MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: A knowledge of basic first aid is a must. You should have with you at all times a hiker’s first aid kit with a working knowledge of when and how to use its contents.

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